Best Facials in Loudoun County

Best Facials in Loudoun CountyLoudoun County Has the Best Faces… because of our facials!

Facials have been around for ages. Cleopatra was known for her dead sea mud masks and egg white eye treatments.

Women in Ancient China would make a mask with crushed pearls, oils, and herbs to remove spots and wrinkles.

Oh my have things changed!

All About Facials

Thanks to science and research many of those methods are ancient history. We can do much more thanks to clinical research and quality ingredients.

Our facials in Loudoun use the latest science, techniques, and technology to put your best face forward.

Did you know there are several kinds of facials? Depending on your needs, our skin care and hair salon in Loudoun county, gives you lots of options.

Our clinical facials address a number of skin challenges. Whether it be dehydration, irritation/redness, reduction in collagen or if you are looking to gain back more firm and youthful skin, we can help.

Aging brings wisdom, but sagging skin is not something most welcome, especially if we can do something about it! We are excited to offer our firm and lift facial. It uses a unique flaxseed formula to visibly lift sagging and aging skin. Not only is it effective, but it’s incredibly luxurious too.

Best Facials in Loudoun County | Beautiful young woman receiving facial mask at beauty salon.

Loss of collagen can also give you the appearance of aging. We say no to that! If you are seeing deeper set wrinkles and have lost some firmness, the collagen rehab facial might be for you. Our customers see a increase in hydration and a reduction in wrinkles every time. You can even take home a treatment to see continued results.

Is time an issue? At Salon Khouri we completely understand how life can be chaotic, which may keep you from getting a regular facial. No problem! We offer express facials to brighten and exfoliate the skin.

If you know a young adult struggling with break-outs, we have a teen acne facial to help reduce irritation, clean the pores and tone the skin. A skin reading is included!

Ready To Put Your Best Face Forward?

Book your appointment today with one of knowledgeable estheticians to receive the best facials in Loudoun County, VA.

Unsure what facial treatment is right for you? Go here to look at our skin services and get in touch if you have any questions!

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July Promotions

  • Receive a complimentary haircut with any full keratin treatment.
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  • Receive a complimentary brow wax with the purchase any G.M. Collins product over $50.

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