Alex’s Army Making an Impact – Our September Community Outreach Partner

As we #GoGold this September, we have selected Alex’s Army Childhood Cancer Foundation as our community outreach partner! We are honored to donate $1 from every haircut we perform this month to this impactful, local non-profit. Alex’s Army Childhood Cancer Foundation is a 501c3 whose mission is to raise awareness and funding for Childhood Cancer Research while providing Christian focused support to the Childhood Cancer Community.

Through the financial gifts of supporters, Alex’s Army has been able to contribute an astounding $440,000 over the last several years specifically to help fund the REST Immunotherapy Trial at Children’s National Hospital. AACF has remained fully committed to funding this particular trial as they share in the belief with many in the Pediatric Oncology World that Immunotherapies are the future of pediatric cancer treatments.

Be sure to check out the many amazing events that AACF has planned this September.

Alex’s Army Childhood Cancer Foundation was formed in honor of Alex Green, who was diagnosed with a Stage IV Wilms Tumor in 2009 at the young age of 5. To say Alex was a fighter is a bit of an understatement. Throughout his treatment, Alex endured 400 chemo/infusions/immunizations, 100 clinic visits, 15 ER visits, 200 inpatient admissions, 300 IV pokes, 34 total days of radiation, 32 times being put to sleep, 1 bone marrow aspirate, 100 scans (CT/Xray/PET/Echo/EKG) and 15 surgeries.

We wanted to share these words written by Jenni and Derek Green:

Over the years, our family had frequent discussions of faith, of hope – when all else seemed hopeless, of finding strength in God when we are too weak, of death, of heaven, of cancer, of fairness, of being different, of struggles in life, you name it – we talked about it. There are no words to describe how it feels as a parent to have to watch your child endure so much pain and heartache in their little innocent lives. The natural tendency as a parent is to want to fix everything, to shield and protect them from pain, danger, and heartache. Through all of this, one of the things we have learned time and time again is that we are not in control. The only comfort and joy we have been able to find, and finding this has been amazing, but it is in knowing that there IS a greater purpose for us all. While this life is nothing that I would have imagined or picked for us; we have seen so much goodness come out of this pain, we have seen firsthand how God works in His own perfect timing and ours eyes have been opened to the beautiful promises He has given to us. While we may not understand why our family has had to endure this trial, we find comfort in knowing there is a reason and that reason is for good and for a greater purpose. Our sweet Alex passed away at the age of 12 years old on June 5th, 2016 with his Mom & Dad holding his hands and by his side. Alex is the inspiration behind Alex’s Army and we are committed to helping find a cure for all Children battling Childhood Cancers.

With Faith, Hope, and Love Always,
Jenni & Derek Green