Trends from KEVIN MURPHY and M/FW We’ll See Throughout 2022


2022 will be all about ditching your loungewear and actually getting dressed again. 

From wardrobe to makeup and hair, Melbourne Fashion Week 2021 proved that we’re all looking forward to bright colors and a shining future in 2022. Borrowing from 2010 silhouettes, we’ll see a range of tones from bold to pastel, oversized blazers continuing to make statements, knit dresses and minis galore alongside the addition of shimmer in the form of sequins and creative embellishment.

As the official hair partner of Melbourne Fashion Week, KEVIN.MURPHY is at the helm of creating some of the top hair trends we’ll see for the upcoming seasons.

Throughout the shows this year, irregular waves and undone finishes took over with accent braids and scarves doubling as hair accessories. Take a peek at some of the top hair trends from the shows and see which ones will stick around well into 2022!

Major Trends From Melbourne Fashion Week



Hair tendrils were a huge trend in the 2010s — the upgraded take on the look comes in the form of hair wisps this season. Pulling sweeping pieces of hair down around the face frame allows the wearer to have a little fun and accentuate features with a soft silhouette. Seen at the Secret Garden Runway, the KEVIN.MURPHY hair team created a deliberate hair wisp to accentuate the styles seen in this botanical oasis.

To get the look, hair was prepped with ANTI.GRAVITY from new growth to tips. Then, a curling iron was used to create positive and negative waves for the softest of finishes. To finish, SESSION.SPRAY + SESSION.SPRAY FLEX was applied to create an effortless “wind in the hair” feeling.

Bold Shapes


Whether looking to accentuate an outfit or experiment with your go-to style, we’ll see bold statements take shape this season. The addition of bright colors, otherworldly shapes and style-specific accents took place at the Art X Fashion runway, paving the way for hair inspiration in 2022.

Take your style outside of the box with a contemporary shape this season by prepping hair with ANTI.GRAVITY.SPRAY, then split the hair and secure at either the crown or the nape and finish with SESSION.SPRAY for expert hold.

Restrained Elegance


Slicked back styles and looks wavering on “wet” finishes were seen throughout the 2021 shows. An ideal silhouette to adopt as we head into the warmer months to pair with bright tones and cutout designs.

Taking guidance from the Student Collections Runway, the natural texture was stretched or reworked with a curling iron to form a soft slicked look. Once hair is refined, you’ll begin molding it into shape by laminating with LEAVE-IN.REPAIR, scraping hair back with a TEXTURE.COMB and then setting the look section by section with SESSION.SPRAY for a tight, silhouette and high shine finish.

Undone Side Parts


Many of us will be working with our natural texture for the upcoming season. In order to refine the look, it will be key to create a deliberate part to turn undone finishes into highly stylized looks with ease.

Swift side parts and deliberate coifs created a balance of restraint and release at the Underground Runway show. The look was created by working with natural texture and applying SESSION.SPRAY and heat from a blow dryer to mold that hair away from the face and create lines along the crest of the head. For a refining look, consider applying YOUNG.AGAIN DRY CONDITIONER to get the look on long hair or SESSION.SPRAY on shorter lengths and then finish with SHIMMER.ME BLONDE to create high shine texture.