Staying true to our mission

Dear SK Enthusiasts

We would like to share our company’s position about salons selling professional color to clients for at-home application, primarily for grey coverage. We understand why many salons are offering this in this very uncertain time for everyone: it helps bring revenue to the salon and seemingly helps clients who are eager to cover their roots. We *totally* understand that! After much thought, prayer, and a lively and lengthy team discussion of the pros and cons that included all of our stylists, Salon Khouri decided we will not be selling home color kits to our beloved clients. Here’s why:

Using and applying professional color is a skill set that stylists develop over a period of time, with many hours of training and hands-on practice. There are many risks associated with applying professional color at home by those who are not licensed that could not only damage your hair, but leave your hair color uneven and blotchy, ultimately leaving you with a costly color correction appointment at the end of the day. Applying color without proper sectioning leads to uneven coverage of the color. When you overlap color while applying, bands will be left in the hair color, leaving a very unnatural result. And, if your timing during application is not precise, you will have dark spots and/or light spots in your hair color. And a most concerning possibility is the chance that you get color in your eyes when applying your color.

It has *always* been our mission to help you love your hair. Sending you home with professional color (or even recommending box color) is incongruous with our mission.

However, keeping true to our integrity and mission and putting your best interest first, and wanting to offer an avenue that will best serve you at home until we can serve you again in person, we recommend using our WOW Root Cover Up product that we can deliver locally at no charge or for $5 shipping. We are offering the WOW Root Touch Up product for $29 and are asking that you please purchase through us and not at an online retailer as we will be using a portion of the proceeds of sales of this to purchase grocery gift cards for our SK Team members who need them. Additionally, for every $100 we sell in products (Kevin Murphy, Eleven or the WOW Root Touch Up) or Salon Khouri Gift Cards while we are closed due to COVID-19, we will be donating ten food items to Dulles South Food Pantry. Additionally, we are drawing three weekly winners to win a $25 Salon Khouri gift card from everyone who purchases product or gift cards from us during this time.

Just a few benefits of the WOW Root Touch Up product:

  • Covers grey seamlessly, even covers dark roots and extends highlights without peroxide
  • Precise application, no mess like sprays
  • Never stiff, sticky or waxy like mascaras and crayons
  • Looks completely natural, mimics hair’s reflective qualities
  • Water resistant formula, you can even swim in it, but washes out with shampoo
  • No waxes, dyes or parabens
  • Can also be used to fill in hairlines and cover gaps to create the look of thicker hair
  • Does not permanently change your hair color

To see how easy the WOW Root Cover Up is to use and apply, please watch the following short video:

We can recommend the right shade of the WOW Root Touch up based on your formula that we have in the system. If you are not a current client, simply shoot us a text of your hair color and we can recommend the right match. To order, please send us your name and cell number via email, text (703.273.7878), or phone at 703.273.7878 and we will call you back to process the order. You can also order online via our Salon Khouri phone app (available in your phone’s app store) or via our online booking site, with instructions here. It’s a secure system for online booking and will securely gather your card. Choose “Product” when using the site and enter which product(s) you’d like in the comments.


With love,

Jonathan and Jennifer Elkhouri
And the entire Salon Khouri team!