3 Popular Women’s Hair Styles in Northern VA

Are you looking for fresh, new, hair style ideas? Or maybe you want to see the most popular hair styles in Northern VA? Whatever the case may be, Salon Khouri has you covered.

Here’s what’s trending when it comes to women’s hair styles in Northern Virginia.

3 Popular Women’s Hair Styles in Northern VA

Bangs Are Back

Bangs are back in style, especially curtain bangs. The best part about curtain bangs? They are easy to maintain and extremely versatile. You can wear them straight, pin back, or side sweep them or cut them. If you’re looking for a small change to your hair that has a big impact, bangs could be the solution for you.

Lob Is Still Going Strong

The lob (or the long bob) is still going strong and works well with varying hair length. It’s also a good choice for any face shape and hair types. You can wear it wavy, keep it straight or add layers for a more versatile look. If you want to make your lob even more modern, ask for a blunt cut with no layers or angles.

Layers are one of the popular hair styles in Northern VALayers For Every Hair Length

Short hair, long hair — it doesn’t matter as layers are back and ever so popular. From layered bobs to long, beachy layers, you’re sure to find a layered hair style that’s perfect for your face shape.

Hair Style Makeover at Salon Khouri

As one of the top salons in Northern Virginia, Salon Khouri will give you personalized advice for hair styling. Our hand-selected hair stylists have the skills to meet your needs. Come in for a complimentary consultation and we’ll work with you one-on-one to find the perfect hair style for you.

What’s Next?

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