Holiday Hair Tips

We had our first ever Holiday Hair class in November, and hopefully shared a few tips on how to create a simple holiday hairdo at home. Yes, some would call us crazy. Aren’t we supposed to be luring you into the salon to have us do your updos and holiday hair? We aren’t crazy, we are realistic. We understand that not everyone will have the time or the wallet to come in to have their hair coiffed before their event. So, we wanted to share a quick recap of a few things we learned during our event:

  1. Be sure you have the right tools and products. Bobby pins, a thermal protection spray, a good hairspray, and a curling iron or a flat iron (you can curl with a flat iron) are essentials.
  2. Never spray hairspray on your locks BEFORE you use your heat tools. It’s a no-no and it will fry your hair.
  3. The relaxed updo is completely in fashion. Don’t try to put every hair in place. Trust us, that’s almost impossible to do at home.
  4. Pick up some cute accessories to finish off your look. For short hair, you can’t go wrong with a thin, cute headband. For long hair, rhinestone pins look stunning.

We found this GREAT low side but with tutorial on a low side bun at loveMaegan: Image