What we love about Our Daily Bread Fairfax

We lovODBLogoe Our Daily Bread Fairfax as they have a full spectrum of services to help our neighbors-in-need. What makes Our Daily Bread unique is that they were developed to serve the families who, while not homeless, are in financial crisis and are in danger of “falling through the cracks” toward homelessness.┬áThe families helped by Our Daily Bread┬árange from the working poor — often juggling multiple jobs — to the elderly and disabled. And, more than half of those served by Our Daily Bread are children. Our Daily Bread helped local resident, Monica, after the company she worked for went out of business. Monica had a good job and savings, but struggled to support her children after she lost her job. Monica shared a little about her experience with Our Daily Bread:

Our Daily Bread pretty much saved my life…If it wasn’t for the help that I have gotten from them, I don’t know what would have happened. I think I would be in a shelter with my kids right now.

The mission of Our Daily Bread is simple: guiding our neighbors toward self-sufficiency. In addition to providing food assistance, Our Daily Bread offers Financial Literacy programs to help those in need with financial guidance and training.

We are cheerfully supporting Our Daily Bread by donating $1 from every haircut in November. Also, you will have an opportunity at check out to add an additional $1, $3, or $5 to your ticket to be donated to Our Daily Bread. These donations will be supporting Fairfax families-in-need with meals and gifts this Christmas season.