Why we like DS Laboratories hair regrowth products: The founder is ‘obsessed’ with finding a cure for baldness

One thing that intrigued us about the DS Laboratories product line was a simple statement made by Daniel Khesin, the founder and CEO of DS Laboratories: “I’m obsessed with finding a cure for hair loss.” Although he has not found it yet, his innovative products can completely reverse baldness for the vast majority of people when caught in the early stages. And, many people don’t realize this, but hair loss is not just a male problem. In fact, according to The American Hair Loss Association, approximately 40% of hair loss sufferers are female.


Hair Growth Cycle

Hair grows in three phases: anagen (growth), catagen (regression), and telogen (resting). In successive cycles, a follicle replaces its hair strand with another that is either the same size (maintenance), finer (balding) or thicker (regrowth).

For the hair on the scalp, the anagen phase lasts anywhere from two to five years. In androgenetic alopecia for both male and female pattern baldness, hormones cause the hair follicles to contract and produce vellus (light) hairs.

Khesin notes, “Despite decades of intense research and interest, our understanding of follicle function remains rudimentary. The oldest known ion-channel opener for hair growth, minoxidil, works only on part of the scalp and only for a subset of users. Plus, it carries side effects.” His method of research is to gain a greater understanding of how ion-channel openers work, so that his company can create safer and more effective treatments for male and female baldness. “We test and explore some of the most innovative ingredients. We only introduce products when they have proven to work. There has been an enormous amount of research that has gone into these products. Our goal is to not just take up shelf space,” notes Khesin.

We are excited about what we are seeing in our clients’ hair regrowth when using DS Laboratories products. If you notice your hair thinning, please talk to your stylist about which DS Laboratories products will work best for your stage of loss and see for yourself what we are seeing with this innovative line!